Properties of ICHIFUJI

Mt. Fuji is blessed with over two billion tons of rain and snowfall which go through layers and layers of strata over a long period of time and are filtrated to contain minerals such as vanadium. ICHIFUJI uses this blessing as its water source.

Mildly Alkaline 8.1 pH

Mildly alkaline at pH 8.1, this natural mineral water is gentle on your body and great for daily use.

Rich Mineral Vanadium 70μg/L

Rich minerals including Vanadium.
Precious water
from Mt. Fuji.

Soft Water
47 mg/L

Soft water with a mild taste. Perfectly safe for baby formula.


ICHIFUJI is soft water with a mild texture and gentle sweetness. Its source is the water of beautiful Mt. Fuji, filtrated through its basalt layer. This natural mineral water contains a good balance of natural minerals such as vanadium, and it is mild and drinkable. Your entire family, young and old, will love its taste.

Our factory is located in Fuji City at the foot of Mt. Fuji, a registered World Heritage Site. The abundant high quality water Mt. Fuji produces has long been used by the people living at the base of the mountain. Mt. Fuji’s rain and snowfall are filtrated through its natural filter over a long period of time, and minerals such as vanadium gradually blend into the water. We bottle this natural blessing from Mt. Fuji in our automated production line with meticulous attention to safety. Our product is the “vanadium-rich mineral water” that contains well-balanced minerals even beyond vanadium.

As the fact that 60% of our body is made of water suggests, water is essential for our lives. It supports the discharge of bodily wastes and heightens our metabolism. On top of providing such essential functions, our natural mineral water also provides high value for people in the modern age of health-consciousness. As the base of your efforts to care for your health, we humbly hope that you will continue to use the blessing of Mt. Fuji’s taste as your indispensable partner.

Quality of ICHIFUJI

Awarded with the “Three-Star Superior Taste Award” (highest rank) by iTQi (International Taste & Quality Institute).

Received the approval to use the “Fuji Brand” from the Fuji Chamber of Commerce & Industry


Importer & Distributor
KenkoMax Sdn. Bhd. (1282084-M)
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47610 Subang Jaya, Selangor.
Tel: +603 8025 1612 Fax: +603 8023 1648
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Daikyo-Plus Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
858-1 Koizumi, Fujinomiya City,
Shizuoka Pref 418-0022, Japan.
Tel: 0544 25 2666 Fax: 0544 25 2677

Fuji Factory
2305-2 Obuchi, Fujinomiya City
Shizuoka Pref 417-0801, Japan.
Tel: 0545 37 1313 Fax: 0545 35 4949

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